Could It Get Worse?

I am not in Africa.

I was so happy that hurricane IDA decided not to go through Fort Myers because it meant a clear path for the flight to Newark. Sad to say that IDA decided to meet up with us in Newark right about the time our 8:45pm flight was scheduled to depart to Johannesburg yesterday. This hurricane not only shut down all flights but prevented anyone from leaving the airport due to massive flooding. So not only are we ALL (meaning 1,000 people) spending the night on the floor of the Newark airport, but our luggage is unattainable.

Unfortunately the next available flight to Johannesburg for us is Friday night, so after our night on the hotel floor, we will go to a Best Western Thursday night and then back to the airport to try again.

Of course this required re-booking everything – our hotel room in Johannesburg, in country flights from Johannesburg to Hoedspruit on Friday and our rental car.

So here I am. It is 3:30am. We are all sprawled trying to be comfortable.

It is pretty dismal but fortunately once we arrive we will still have 25 glorious days of recuperation in amazing beauty.

I would much rather be sending you glorious pictures of elephants than a soggy United Fight 188. But isn’t that just the way. We have our plans. God laughs!



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