Spiritual Life Coach

It is a true  privilege to work with you one-on-one to navigate what life throws at you with elegance or to powerfully bring your deepest dreams and desires into manifestation.  This life is an ineffable combination of mystery and science and it is useful to discover the rules of this thing called life -- and then apply them for maximum happiness, power and fulfillment.  The role of a spiritual coach is to join you in approaching the conditions and circumstances of your life from a spiritual perspective (rather than a psychological one) - a future oriented perspective.  To Spirit, nothing is out of reach,  nothing is too hard -- everything is possible.  Whether you are needing to forgive something from your past, feel better about your present or simply architect your future - it will be my pleasure to offer you what I have learned from own journey.  ~ Namaste

"Yesterday I was clever and I wanted to change the world. Today am wise and I am changing myself." ~ Hafiz
By telephone is the default way we will meet. If you would like to meet another way please choose one of the above. If you are local and would like to meet in person that is also great. Payment is not required until the time of our session.