Could It Get Any Better?

I am still not in Africa – but much closer.

It is Friday morning. We have rested for 24 glorious hours in a very nice hotel close to the Newark airport. The 5 hours of chaos is completely gone — in fact you would never really know anything happened here. Amazing really since 1-1/2 days ago there was 5 feet of water everywhere, abandoned cars littering the roads and highways and we were so exhausted.

I just passed our second required Covid test — which was necessary because we ended up on the other side of the 72 hour guidelines. It cost $250 for a 1-hour response but a blessing that the testing facility was right on airport property, and United is going to refund the cost of the test so all is well.

I also just found out that our luggage (which we haven’t seen since before the hurricane) IS on our flight which is really good news. We have been in the same clothes since Wednesday and will continue to be so until Saturday night when we land in our hotel in Johannesburg. Yikes~!

I am knowing easy flow for the rest of the trip and am grateful on so many levels for how well we fared during the kerfuffle. Not everyone faired as well — and I am not traveling alone which is a blessing as well.

I will post a few pictures of Johannesburg though we won’t be there for long — but we will be at our beautiful Airbnb by Sunday afternoon which we call home for the next 3 weeks.

Thank you to those who have reached out with your prayers and words of sympathy. I needed some.

Much love,


A very cranky me on Thursday morning after 25 hours in the airport

The motley crew !

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