Tested Negative So Off I GO

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Step #1 was to obtain a negative COVID test. DONE! I didn’t realize how nervous I was about that test until I broke into tears upon hearing everything was good. All three of us are good to go so we will gather in the International Terminal at the Newark airport in about 4 hours with an 8:30pm take off to Johannesburg.

I am not going to share how crazy I am to have brought 4 pieces of luggage – one of them to heavy for me and one of them with only 2 wheels so it has be dragged behind me. The amount of time, money and frustration to get from point A to point B was insane. And if you are wondering if people are out traveling again? YES. Packed United flight to Newark and packed Newark Airport. The only thing not packed due to Covid are employees- no airport porters or hotel bell hops. I survived and once in my hotel after a glass of red wine, a hot shower and 3 ibuprofen for my achy hip, I am ready to go again after a great night’s sleep.

Lisa arrives from North Carolina soon, will leave the airport and come to my airport hotel to gather me and my ridiculous luggage. Yay!

I miss you already. Hold us in your prayers and I will check in next from the continent of Africa!


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