Positive Expectation

"Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results." ~ Willie Nelson

Blessings everyone!

These beautiful images are from an all day trip to Krueger Park with friends Eileen and Vincent.   My inspiration for "positive expectation" came from the leopard sighting which occurred at the very end of our day.  I just knew it would!   Positive expectancy is the calm and peaceful assurance that what you are wanting, seeking, desiring ----- is on its way.

So many people approach life with the exact opposite - negative expectation.  Or perhaps worse -- no expectation.  Whether positive, negative or absent, all is based on the past and the conditioning we have experienced in our world. Negative expectation may help to protect against being disappointed.  Negative or no expectation is more than likely a result in the belief in our powerlessness against people, places, conditions and circumstances.  A belief that the world exists outside of and apart from us.  And perhaps also that the world is not a friendly, responsive or familiar place.  New Thought philosophy along with quantum physics and many spiritual traditions, believe in the idea that the universe is connected, that we are connected.  This being true means that your mind and the leopards mind share the same airspace.  Your mind and the mind of your future mate, boss or friend are connected.  Your mind and heart are magnets and call to you that which you call to you through your positive expectancy.  And unfortunately we also call to ourselves that which we call to ourselves through our negative expectancy as well.  It must this way.  So it is worth noting whether or not you walk around expecting what you want experience, have, do or be.  It is worth nothing whether or not you protect yourself by not expecting anything.  Or if you brace yourself for the worst.  In some ways it would be nice if the world was a fixed and rigid place.  At least then we could figure out how to manage ourselves in relationship to everything.  But fortunately really --- the world will be to us what we are to it.  Give up the notion that some people are born lucky or are in the right place at the right time.  Everything comes to each by way of consciousness.  Practice and I can almost guarantee that more good will come to you.

"In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision. ~ Dalai Lama


This coming Saturday morning, I am happy to continue exploring the path of conscious evolution and talking a bit more about  cultivating positive expectation. Whether we like it or not, the life we have is a reflection of our inner landscape both positive and negative. We can consciously change what and how we think.  Hope to see you tomorrow at 9am EST...

Much love, Denise

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