Learning from an elephant

This lodge is truly wonderful.  A beautiful room, delicious food and stunning wild life.  A truly remarkable experience from on ever level.  I have so much to share that I am going to do it in three separate blogs.  This one and then one dedicated to the elephants and another to the lion experience.

What has mostly been on my heart today is a question.  Why can't humans live in exactly the same was as an elephant or a lion or a spider?  The question really has to do with BEING and PURPOSE.  When I spend time in nature I am  inspired by any and all creatures simply being THEMSELVES.  The life of the elephant is about food, water and family.  It eats, drinks and raises its young.  There is no acquisition.  No ego gratification.  No accomplishment, No achievement.  No trying to be something other than what it is.  The elephant doesn't care what you  think, whether or not you like it and certainly never languishes over questions of life, death or purpose. 

When a lion kills an antelope it is not being mean, vicious or brutal.  It is simply being ITSELF.  Everything works together as it should and everyone is satisfied with life as it is.   Can you even imagine what life would be like if from the moment of your birth we were allowed, encouraged and supported in simply BEING who we were born to be?  All of the spiritual teachers and way-showers in human history have tried, and continue to try, to speak to us of our inherent perfection, our goodness and our right to live, to be and to do what is ours to do.  Our hearts, at some level, know what we are here to be and so few of us ever allow ourselves to be that.  

I am excited tomorrow to begin a series on "Conversations That Matter:Insights and Distinctions" written by the Landmark Forum Leaders.   Our first exploitation is the essay "If I weren't my past, who would I be?" written by Nancy Zapolski, PH.D. It directly speaks to how and why humans end up so distant from what is natural and right.  Please join me on Facebook and YouTube at 9am.  You might be getting this right at that time -- but hop on if you can.

Enjoy some of the pictures from our game drive here.  More to come!!

Love, love and more love,

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