Exchanging “because” with “Be-Cause”

"I contemplate, and as I contemplate, I let fall the forms of my thoughts. This the manner in which nature creates. It contemplates." ~ Plotinus: (204ad)
"I want to know God's thoughts, the rest are details." ~ Einstein

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As many of you know I am streaming live every Sunday on Facebook and YouTube what I call "Sunday Night Alive".  I am happy to be synthesizing and broadening these topics for you starting today.  Sunday Night Alive is dedicated to Practical Spirituality - topics which provide us with the tools to actually walk and talk our spiritual journey.  Enjoy this topic fromSunday, January 15th

Exchange Because with BE-CAUSE

All I really ever want to talk to you about is how we can live a Life of Spiritual Power which is a life we architect, design, and bring forward which ultimately is, from our point of view, a great life.  This great life, in my valuation, is one which is authentically you, meaningful, purposeful, and innately one which brings you happiness, peace and satisfaction. I would categorize this life as one which, when compared to the norm, or compared to a prior time in one’s own life, has awakened to an expanded state of consciousness and is living primarily in the present moment, unfettered by past regrets, guilt, or un-forgiveness.

I believe there are three important knowing’s, experiences, or awareness’s which are helpful in the establishment of this expanded or awakened state of consciousness:

  1. An understanding that you are personally more than your body or body of affairs. That you are essentially a spiritual entity which occupies a physical body and that in Reality (capital “R”), you are timeless; an eternal being made by that which created all things. This would include the awareness or understanding that this is a spiritual universe and that there is a power, intelligence, love, and presence greater that we are.
  2. You cultivate a desire, capacity, and commitment to living from the inside out rather than the outside in. This would translate into your attention on inner impulses rather than outer reactions. You naturally identify and relate to the source of your happiness, pleasure and even pain, as emanating from within thereby relinquishing, blame, judgment and victim thinking.
  3. You learn about, study and practice spiritual laws and principles ultimately regarding them as self-evident in your life. This knowledge moves you firmly out of victim consciousness and allows you, through forgiveness and non-judgment, to take ownership for the life you are creating and living every day.

Achievement of this awakened state does not mean you don’t continue to walk through life as it is.  Your awakening will not change your mother, your children, or the world for that matter.  (Ultimately, enough awakened beings will alter the nature of the world we live in, but that is of no concern to us. It will happen as a natural consequence). Though many if not most of the conditions, circumstances, people, places, and things will continue to surround you, your awakening will give you true choice for the first time in your life.

There is little to no choice when you are living in the world from merely an ego perception. The ego will always choose winning, being right, being first, being best – at any expense.  From this way of living, relationships will always be conflicted, and your life structures will always reflect the default beliefs and patterns which have developed over your life.

When you awaken, you will have choice. 

Your option at any given choice-point every day, is to choose to be an ‘ego’ or choose to be a ‘Spirit’.  From here, the word ‘because’ has an interesting meaning and effect and deserves to be examined for its worthiness to remain in our vocabulary.

The word ‘because’ belongs in the realm of the ego.  As a word it is used to explain why something is the way it is. “I can’t sell my house because the real estate market is bad.”; “I don’t have good relationships because my parents were divorced.”.  It doesn’t really matter the context in which the word ‘because’ is used, it always leaves the one saying it feeling powerless and ineffective.  If you are the manager of a team or the owner of a business, that word ‘because’ will always mean that the result did not get produced fully.  And it won’t matter if it all seems reasonable, there will still be results OR all of the reasons why not.

It may well be that the real estate market is appearing to be bad or limited.  But that appearance is an effect or the result of collective thinking and believing. The ‘real estate market’ is being used as secondary causation -which is confusing an effect or a result for primary causation.Primary causation is a declaration, a contemplation, an act of deliberate creation. And is supported by the spiritual laws and principles which undergird and support the physical dimension we are living in.

“Cause” is a word that resides in the domain of Spirit.  It arises from the knowing that we live by the power of our word, commitment, intention, vision - all in harmony with spiritual laws and principles.  The laws of attraction, cause and effect, growth, expansion, attention, circulation, and many more, are how ideas are translated into things and circumstances. An awakened individual maintains belief and faith in the truth and power of these laws and lives in accordance with them. This person will have different outcomes than a person living in an unawakened state of victim-consciousness.

God has never thought, “I can’t create a zebra because it is Tuesday” or “I can’t create light because I am depressed today.”  There is no “because” in primary causation or creation. There is just creation.

Your power to create from the realm of imagination and possibility – requires you recognize within yourself the part of you that is a part of Spirit.  The conscious, creative, willful, directing aspect of you – is God within you.  When I say you and God are one – I mean that the creative principle that created all that is, created you.  The Spirit of you merges with Universal Spirit. 

Every ‘because’ you have for not living a free, powerful, authentic, bodacious, meaningful, extraordinary life --- is holding you back -it is the law. My suggestion is to simply practice losing every “because” you have or have ever expressed in your life ---- stand where you are in your wholeness, your worthiness, your deservingness and your power – and then design and architect your life.

One support tactic is simply to not verbalize the limiting language of “because”. Become good at observing your inner conversations and counter any limiting idea with an expansive one.  Rather than, “I can’t sell my house because of the real estate climate”, say something like, “With the power of my intention and commitment, I know that the perfect buyer is even now being moved to come see and buy my house at a fair price and in perfect timing.” Can you feel the difference?  Don’t worry that this might be magical thinking.  It is not. It is the law.  It is a principle. 

Consciousness precedes form and forms (or results) flow from consciousness.  The one who believe this the most, is the one who demonstrates results in life the most!

This concludes today’s message for Living A Life of Spiritual Power

Next time – “Un-clutter your Consciousness”

Until then,
Love, love and more love,
Rev. D

P.S.  I continue to thrive here in Southwest Florida. I will be in South Africa at Bush Baby Haven from Feb. 11 to March 11. I will continue to stay in touch while away!

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"We are shaped by our thoughts and we become what we think." ~ Bddha





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