Beginning 2023

You belong to the universe in which you live. You are one with the Creative Genius in back of this vast array of ceaseless motion. This original flow of life. You are as much a part of it as the sun, the earth and the air. ~ Ernest Holmes

Happy New Year and welcome to 2023. I’m back from South Africa. Sorry it has taken me so long but it was a very windy landing! From the serenity and beauty of the African Bush replete with giraffe, antelope, warthogs and elephants – smack into the chaos of a Category 4+ hurricane named Ian. I remind you that the last time I went to Africa, Hurricane IDA followed me to Newark and shut down the airport causing a 2-day delay. Hmmmmm.  In my world, all people and houses came through relatively unscathed. Not so much for the 1,000 palm trees that toppled (sad face) and it t took  weeks before we saw birds. The most challenging aspect of the entire ordeal was being without power for 12 days.  With no electricity, water, internet and cell coverage,  I  felt like a cave woman.  Up and down with the sun and grunting with the tribe of people I moved through life with right now.  I am glad to say, things are back to normal. 

It seems that sometimes the world just keeps throwing it at us.  One thing after another.  Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, settled down and beat the odds –here comes another thing. I have witnessed so much worldly destruction the past few months – trees, houses, cars, boats, bridges. We still have hundreds of people living in shelters awaiting FEMA and insurance money to rebuild.  I have also witnessed by so much courage, hope, love, generosity, and faith.  A life-changing time for sure.

We have all been living our own version of the past few historically remarkable years.  For me it began with the loss of my job with the Open Path Retreat Center in 2020.The death of  both of my beautiful animal companions, Lily in March 2020 and Jasmine in March 2021.   A wonderful new opportunity with the Unity Church in Naples, a seemingly necessary new hip, and a seemingly unnecessary (maybe) stroke which curbed my driving thus forced me to release my job. My prayers were answered with indisputable instructions to divest myself of all of my material belongings and go to South Africa.  I returned from that 6-month journey, which I now know was for the purposes of resurrecting my body, renewing of my brain and revitalizing my indestructible Spirit. I am back. 

One powerful truth about living a life of spiritual power is that living life at that level requires that we take responsibility for our individual lives.  Every detail, nuance, and situation.  After all, it is my life and if I truly am what I say we are then there is no perpetrator, and I am no victim. We are not innocent by-standers, we are participants. We are co-creators with the All-That-Is whatever or however we think about that.  You could call it God or the Quantum Field of Unlimited Potentiality.  I personally really like Dr. Ernest Holmes descriptor best; “The Thing Itself”.

I am back and want to declare, announce and affirm once again, don’t give in to any of it. Not to hurricanes, strokes, pandemics, disease, aging, death, or fear. Why?  Primarily because you are a powerful, beautiful, and amazing being regardless of your age, bank account, condition, or situation.  Your faith in a better you, a better tomorrow and a better world is the thing that makes you, the future, and the world better.

Some of you ask how this outlook is possible given how awful things have been, are or can be?  I know how awful things can be. I have been the recipient of a grueling curriculum the past 36 months just like you.  I am no different than you. I have no special dispensation from God. What I do have is enough time, practice, and faith to know that there is always a greater good wanting and waiting to emerge through me if I will do the work of making it welcomed.  And sometimes, in fact most times, the work is hard. Moving beyond present facts and conditions requires a lot of positive self-talk, immersion in spiritual materials, meditation, prayer, discipline, will-power, faith – sometimes just sitting in the hopelessness face down in the mud not knowing when the phoenix will rise – but nonetheless knowing that it will.

I am aware of how much suffering many of us are experiencing and how difficult a new beginning can feel. Start from where you are and find things to be grateful for. They are there.  Look for happy, optimistic people to hang out with.  Find the inner discipline to do the right thing, make the affirmative life choices and practice radical self-care while you await the miracle of your own deliverance.

My phoenix has risen, and I am ready to get back to the work of raising consciousness in our world.   I am streaming “Sunday Night Alive” 6pm EST every Sunday Night.  My doors are open again to working with individuals desiring to change the trajectory of their lives from predictable to possible, from negative to positive and from victim to victorious.  A Life of Spiritual Power is a life that is for possible for everyone.  If you are looking for a Spiritual Life Coach, call me.

What I know is that ultimately life requires we choose happiness. Life eequires that we give ourselves permission to be happy regardless of the state of the world - regardless of what the particular influences are in life. Faith is not really faith when things are going along perfectly. Faith, in my understanding, is also not blind nor foolish. We do not have  faith in an external something who will cause it all to work out to our benefit – or who will smite our enemies or 'fix' our conditions. We are the captains of our ships.  If you don’t choose happiness; if you don’t think from a place of possibilities; if you don’t believe you have a right to be happy and pursue that happiness – then the results you experience in your life will reflect what you do choose, think, and believe. It can’t get any simpler than that.

My future? It has been 14 months since my hip replacement and stroke and I am completely healed. I can once again, walk, run and most importantly  drive.  An amazing manifestation is that I am renting a home in Del Tura from the people who purchased my jeep when I left the country in March.  The rental of their home, included the use of the Jeep.  Of course I sat in it and my butt fit perfectly in the seat and my phone synced automatically,  I asked, and they agreed, to sell me back my car.  How great is that! 

I am going back  to South Africa and Bush Baby Haven for a month starting February 11th, and have been gifted with an even more beautiful house upon my return through October. Then we shall see what good Life has in store for me.

I have officially retired formal employment so am funding my way through my ministry and its activities, which include Sunday Night Alive, Spiritual Life Coaching and classes. If you are fed and forwarded by my work and wish to make a donation, I happily accept all love offerings, They make my return trips to Africa possible! All love offerings are appreciated and for a short time, if you make a $100 donation, I will send to you one of my photos in an  8x10 frame.    Visit my website for details.

Finally, many of you have expressed a desire  to go to Africa and have asked me to consider taking a group this year.  I believe that opportunity will be in the October/November time frame.  The details need to be created but I think it will be a 2-week trip to South Africa with a few days in Cape Town and the rest in the greater Krueger Park enjoying an immersion into the wild.  With airfare, lodging, food and safari experiences, I estimate it will be around $4,500. I will reach out to those of you that I Know for sure are interested but if this is tugging at your heart please get in touch with me.  You can do that either through my website or through email at

I am deeply looking forward to our continued work together. Stay tuned for more information.

Love, love and more love,
Rev. Denise

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