A Glorious Arrival

I am happy to report that David and I arrived safely to our destination which is Bush Baby Haven our Airbnb in Hoedspruit, South Africa. Tom Cruise also happens to be here filming the next "Mission Impossible".  How fun is that.  We see his helicopter pick him up and drop him off every day.  The flights from Florida to Newark, Newark to Johannesburg and Johannesburg to Hoedspruit were completely uneventful and lovely.  We arrived on Wednesday at 11:30am, unpacked a bit, grocery shopped and had a really wonderful meal at the "Thirsty Giraffe" - a fabulous local place.  I continue to feel amazing.  My hip has benefited from all of the exercise and my eyes have not deterred me from the joy and peace I feel being here.  Perhaps a tad  feeling foolish for my 5 over-stuffed suitcases - aware now that I will never wear or use half of what I brought.  I did get my Echo Dot to work so Alexa came with me!  A reminder that I will be streaming live on Facebook from Bush Baby on Saturday at 8am EST so pease drop in if you are able.  We will also try a conversational follow-up on Zoom at 9am EST - also on Saturday.  

More to come....

Love, love and more love,


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