A Day of Rest

This is my luggage. My clothes. My cosmetics. My safari clothing. My vitamins. It has arrived. Hallelujah!
It was a day of settling in. Unpacking for me. Shopping. Cooking. Enjoying. Unwinding. You really don’t know how wound up you are until you are sitting with a Zebra and have nowhere else to go. I haven’t wrecked the car yet. Mastering driving on the wrong side of the road while sitting in the wrong side of the car is not particularly easy for an older brain. But I have spent the day turning on turn signals instead of windshield wipers and not driving into the gravel on the left side of the road. Another Hallelujah! Today we say zebra, warthogs, antelope, mongoose — looking forward to elephants, lions and giraffe. Tomorrow I think a quiet day at home just sitting and enjoying the natural environment and all that is has to offer. Cooking and reading a good book. Don’t get bored! The real adventure begins on Thursday….

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