The Fairy Godmothers Magic Wand

“When our thoughts are thoughts of love, then we are aligned with and receive Gods power.
When our thoughts are judgmental, then we are choosing to turn our backs to God.
We can no longer see the light he is shining on us when we stop shining it on others.”
~Williamson, Everyday Grace

“You will know that to God you are everything, when God becomes everything to you.” ~ Williamson

Spiritual Perspectives
Fairy Godmothers Magic Wand
Recap from the Live Stream, July 9, 2023

Welcome to the recap of the Sunday Night Alive which streamed this past week on July 9th where we enjoyed the Fairy Godmother’s visit to Cinderella in the chapter “Judgment Blocks the Light”, in Marianne Williamson’s book “Everyday Grace.”

Each week it is my pleasure to bring a practical spiritual perspective which allows us to live with increased power, poise, and confidence. It is easy to feel powerless against negative influences, but the promise of our spiritual study is that by continuing to grow along spiritual lines, we will personally transcend the troubles of the world and do our part in creating a world which reflects spiritual values rather than values of the ego. Just as Cinderella needed a good dose of kindness and compassion, so does almost everyone.

The spiritual perspective we are exploring this week is the effect that judgment has on our ability to give and receive Divine Grace which is represented in the Cinderella story by the magic wand and of course the presence of the fairy God Mother.

The lesson this week is simple.  To benefit from the fullness of God’s presence in your life you must release all judgment (all).  Love is the source of all mystical and magical powers.  Love is the energy that heals. Our judgment blocks the love, light and healing power.

In this story, sweet, beautiful Cinderella, is cruelly mistreated by her evil stepmother and stepsisters, is paid a surprise visit by her fairy godmother, who sends her off to the ball to win the heart of a handsome prince and live happily ever after. The aspect of this story that we are highlighting today is the appearance of the fairy godmother with her magic wand and the attitude of Cinderella that made the whole transaction possible.

Excerpted from Everyday Grace by Marianne Williamson, pages 40-41
“Cinderella 's fairy godmother upon arriving did not say to Cinderella, that stepmother of yours is such a bitch…we'll show her! She could not have said those things, or even thought them, and still retained her mystical powers. “But”, you might say, “the stepmother was so mean to Cinderella and the stepsisters were almost as awful! Doesn't the stepmother deserve to be judged?” Notice that the fairy godmother obviously registered the fact that the stepmother was out of line, or she would not have stopped by in the first place. Clearly, she thought the situation needed to be rectified, or she wouldn't have brought her wand. But the fairy godmother was too wise to take sides. The fairy godmother came to heal, not to judge. Cinderella 's refusal to surrender to the thoughts of retribution is part of what drew the fairy godmother to her in the first place. Hate can summon the powers of the world, but only love can summon the powers of God. It takes tremendous faith in the power of love to refuse to hate those who behave in hateful ways. Yet in that refusal lies our grace.

A Few Perspectives

Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother shows up with her magic wand to help Cinderella. However, she does not jump on the band wagon of punishment against the wicked stepmother. Why?  Because her mystical powers exist as a function of the love within her. If she had been foolish enough to say a judgmental word or even think one, she would have been rendered powerless. God does not do good things to good people and bad things to bad people.  The creator of the cosmos is pure love and is available to every living thing equally. God cannot think an unloving thought about anyone and still be God.

It is easy in the world of human egos to believe that some people deserve to be judged. The person who betrayed your trust in 1976? What about the person who caused that accident or killed those people? This way of thinking may be ‘normal’ for the ego, but it is this way of thinking that has our world be in the situation we are in. The ego is afraid that if “they” are not taught a lesson or made an example of, or given equal doses of pain and suffering, that “they” will get away with it or the world will end. The creator of the cosmos created a system for that which we call Karma or the law of cause and effect. There is no Divine system for punishment, only consequences.  And it is not in our job description.

It is true that we will have an ongoing need for programs of rehabilitation and systems for protecting people from being harmed. But to create those programs and systems from a place of love and awareness of the inherent spiritual potential within people, is far different than from the intention to inflict suffering, pain, or punishment. The day we approach the correction of unloving patterns of behavior from a loving perspective will also be the day that we stop having to build quite so many prisons and hospitals.

“Cinderella’s refusal to surrender to judgmental thoughts played a part in the arrival of her fairy godmother. This brings to the forefront the idea that we are in a relationship with God which is a two-way street. In the bible it says that we cannot serve two masters – love and hate. We have to choose. Williamson is suggesting in her assessment of the situation that because Cinderella was not hateful, angry, judgment or revengeful that Love was able to step in and rectify the situation.  This would mean that something in us must make Grace welcomed in our hearts.

In closing this weeks Spiritual Perspective, our nugget of gold is the awareness that if we want to experience all the possible good to be experienced, then we must release all judgment, all revengeful thoughts, all un-forgiveness of the past and of people.

She says, “It takes tremendous faith in the power of love to refuse to hate those who behave in hateful ways. Yet in that refusal lies our grace.”

In the end, what really matters most is what you feel inside of you. There is no golden rule that says just because the news is dismal, your neighbors are mean or you are in the midst of a challenging situation, that you have to be unhappy, grumpy or angry about any of it. This story reminds us that to allow ourselves to move  in the direction of judgment, blocks the light, diminishes our creative powers and ultimately spirals into negativity and heartburn. Using the power you have to manage your thoughts and your tongue, choose acceptance and love.  Doing this will keep your fairy god mother close at hand and deliver to you a magic wand with your name on it.

This ends our spiritual perspective today on the real power behind the magic wand.  Please join me next week for the three most powerful perspectives from the story of Seabisquit.

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Jesus did not say, love one another, but only under certain circumstances.


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